Tackle the problem at the source

Jeroen de Boer shows us around the Waternet depot. High-pressure trucks and well suction dredgers are waiting for yet another trip through Amsterdam. It is these vehicles that Jeroen uses every day to clean the sewer and to remove grease deposits. However, the catering industry also plays an important role.

Jeroen, where does all that fat come from?

“From everywhere, but mainly from the catering industry. Catering establishments should have a grease trap, so that the fat is collected and does not end up in the sewer system. But if they do not have a grease trap, or if it is poorly maintained, the fat is almost guaranteed to end up in the sewer.”

What is the role of SwiftComply?

“SwiftComply caught our attention with a very nice product with which as a catering business you can register your grease pit or grease trap as a catering business and when they are emptied. In this way, the system contributes to a solution to reduce the pollution in the sewers, which also reduces cleaning costs. ”

Instead of increasing the cleaning frequency, we are now focussing on tackling the cause of the problem. SwiftComply offers us the right tool for this.

How do you support catering businesses?

“We used to empty the grease traps ourselves. The sector took over about fifteen years ago. That means that we have less control over it. SwiftComply made us think about this again and was the first to launch the term ‘Fat Warrior’ (Vetstrijder). That later also became the name of an awareness campaign.”

How have you seen the Amsterdam hospitality industry evolve?

“The number of inhabitants in Amsterdam has increased, along with the number of catering establishments. People are increasingly eating outside the home – and so the burden on the sewer system is also increasing. We notice more and more grease in the sewer, but paper towels are also a real problem. ”

“The increased rainfall means that the sewer system is even more burdened. That is why it is so important that the sewers remain clean. And that catering entrepreneurs know what they are doing and how to use the grease trap correctly.”

Do you notice a certain attitude?

“Many people are not aware of the problem. The fat goes away in the gutter, so you don’t see it anymore. What then happens underground? Consciousness is not there yet. You notice that sustainability lives all over the world, including in Amsterdam. Fighting fat can be part of that.”

How can Vetstrijder (Fat Fighter) make the difference?

Vetstrijder puts the problem on the map and offers solutions. We are also looking at the approach differently at Waternet. Instead of increasing the cleaning frequency, we are now going to tackle the cause of the problem more. SwiftComply offers us the right tool for this. Together with them, we encourage companies to empty their grease traps more often.”

Have you already noticed a change in mentality?

“I don’t know if this initiative will change the mindset, but sustainability is a hot item nowadays. I notice that everyone is talking about it so I think it will contribute. That is why I hope that SwiftComply will become a permanent part of every catering entrepreneur’s toolset.”

What’s in it for the entrepreneur if the sewer is clean?

“You will see the vehicles here in the street and in front of your catering business. If you have customers in your business and the sewer gets clogged, then you need to clear it out. Anyone who ensures that no grease enters the sewer and maintains his grease trap is less likely to clog the sewers. A win-win for everyone.”

Do you consider yourself a true Vestrijder?

It’s safe to say that I do. I don’t pour the grease from my pan down the sink, I wipe the grease from my pan with paper. This is of course more difficult in a professional catering business, but they have a grease trap for that. A recognized grease collector, Waternet and SwiftComply will do the rest. ”

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Het Vetstrijder-project is een samenwerking tussen SwiftComply en Waternet

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