The story behind Vetstrijder

The Vetstrijder campaign focuses on educating local food service entrepreneurs about the danger of fat and oil to their business and the wider community. SwiftComply in conjunction with Waternet is committed to helping restauranteurs keep grease out of the sewer and Amsterdam fatberg free.

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About SwiftComply

The SwiftComply story begins in Dublin in 2016, though our roots stretch back to 2008. At this time, our CEO Michael O’Dwyer was working as an engineer at Dublin City Council where he developed Europe’s first Fat, Oil and Grease regulatory program to solve Dublin’s growing problems with excessive build-up of FOG.

Michael witnessed first-hand how the outdated regulatory processes and fragmented relationships between restaurant owners and regulators hindered virtually all clean up efforts.

After achieving a staggering 95% fatberg reduction in Dublin, Michael set about creating a tool that would revolutionalize how cities around the globe collaborate with the foodservice industry to solve this problem.

Since then we have worked with cities across North America and Europe to tackle the growing fatberg problem. 

European Fats, oil and grease Summit 2019

Earlier this year we hosted the first European FOG summit in Amsterdam. We gathered the most innovative industry leaders from around the globe to discuss new ways to manage grease and protect our sewers. 


Become a Vetstrijder and join the fight against underground fat



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